Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 8

Wow! That was an emotional game. After last week's devastating loss to the Jaguars, I just could not stand to watch us lose again. I for sure would have turned into this little boy again. In the first half when we were down 3-24, I just couldn't take another moment! I went out for a run to calm down my anger and anxiety. It turns out that was a great decision. I put all of my emotion into my run and had a great overall pace of 8:53.

I really find it difficult to run that fast when I'm running alone because I thrive on competition, and I usually just run to clear my mind and enjoy myself. I usually just enjoy the ride of the run rather than push myself. But Whenever I'm angry, I run so much better. And usually much longer. But with a football game going on, longer wasn't exactly what I was going for. By the time that I finished my run, the Ravens scored 10 more points, taking the score to 24-13. I can handle being 11 points down. Joe told me that we'd been playing great, which made me feel optimistic.

I stood through the rest of the game. Not even kidding. I was so nervous about this game. Even when they set up that last field goal with 3 seconds left, I was clenching my fists, unable to relax. But, as soon as that ball went through the goal post, I was finally able to relax and celebrate the sweet, sweet victory. I can't believe that we were down by 21 points at one point, and came back.WOW.

Next week is the 2nd Ravens v Steelers game of the season, which I'm really excited about. I share my office with a Steelers fan, so we're planning on having a fun week egging each other on. I plan to wear purple every single day, which is quite the feat. I don't even know if I have enough purple to make it through the week, but we'll see. I might also make some Ravens cookies. And I totally plan to cover her desk in black and purple. I can't wait!

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