Friday, October 7, 2011

Un-Purple Friday

It's Friday, but not Purple Friday. There is not a Ravens game this weekend. I am wearing stupid blue and gray. When I walked down the streets this morning, I was not drowned in a sea of people wearing their Friday best. No purple blouses, polos, dress shirts, sweaters, tees, jerseys; nothing. Just regular people on a regular day.

I'm so sad that I want to put on my jersey, get back in bed, eat McDonald's and cry while watching game clips on YouTube. And drink Malibu.

Just kidding. Except about the Malibu. And the McDonald's. And the YouTube. OK, I wasn't kidding.

In all seriousness, this bye week is actually gonna be pretty nice. What will I do instead of watching football this Sunday? I'm gonna go hiking and enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

And maybe get caught up on laundry.

Just kidding.

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