Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ravens Fans: The Picture of Dignity and Grace

I just want to say that I handled the Ravens victory over the Steelers with dignity and grace.
 Exhibit A:

That's me right there in the middle. Oh so classy!

Hey, I come by it honest! That is my mother referring to the Steelers' quarterback as "Rapistburger." And here she is demonstrating more of that dignity she taught me:

She is freaking hilarious!!! And she taught me everything I know! I make my mommy proud!

Here's a final testament to the unparalleled class that we Ravens fans exhibited after this glorious season sweep:
There was a lot more, but I didn't save any of it until a week later. My B. These are the posts that stuck out in my mind, and therefore were easily retrievable. I have almost everyone "hidden" on the livre des visages because I'm way too easily annoyed by people. I've deleted so many "friends" over one silly little post, it's actually pretty funny (I even have these rules for FB deletes; maybe I'll blog about them someday).

Anyway, in less than an hour, I'm headed to my mother's house to watch the Ravens v Seahawks game. This game is gonna be a breeze and probably pretty boring. A win is a win, but I'd like some competition. My mom is overcompensating for the boredom factor with this:

OMG. Can we possibly eat any more food during a 3 hour game? No. The answer is no.

I haven't been blogging much at all lately because life has been pretty non-eventful. But, that's all gonna change real fast. The holidays are coming up, and so are a few big surprises that I'll talk about as they happen. I'm not giving anything away. Only me, Joe, and our moms know ;-). Plus all of the people my mom told on facebook because she is incapable of keeping secrets or letting me reveal my own good news (I know you're reading this, mother. hint, hint). I know I'm putting lots of false yet fantastical ideas into your pretty little heads, but I don't care to correct them. Dream big, grasshoppers. Dream big.

P.S. The "Flacco is rocking it!!!!" is from last week's game. Here's to knowing I'll be sending the same message to someone else this week! GO RAVENS!!

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