Sunday, October 23, 2011

House Fantasy

I am obsessed with buying a house. There, I said it. Obsessed. I find myself fantasizing about my future house on a semi-regular basis. Like, at least 264 times per day. I daydream about layout, furniture, artwork, paint colors, gardens, parties, holidays, how many Christmas trees we'll have, where we'll put said Christmas trees, and many other psychotically obsessive things completely irrelevant to my apartment-dwelling everyday life. I try to stay away, but about once per week I binge on, and spend several hours salivating like a puppy on BLT night. This obsession is both fueled and complimented by my Young House Love obsession. Fun fact: I am strongly opposed to painted brick, much unlike YHL, and I strongly desire an exposed brick wall in Fantasy House.

Joe is positively bored and exhausted with all of this house talk. I can't blame him. It's not like I'm soft spoken about this obsession. And we never go anywhere because we're trying to turn our savings account into Haloti Ngata in order to buy this aforementioned future house. So, many hours of boredom due to staying in inevitably lead to many hours of me babbling like an idiot about Mr. Future K. Housington.

Despite the fact that I know that this obsession is unhealthy, and that I know we aren't buying a house until Spring 2012 at the earliest, I spent the last 1/2 hour on visualizing my future basement. Looky:

future basement by ccandfbbaby on

Ahhhhh. It's so beautiful and perfect.

I'd have to say that the basement is the room I dream about the most, probably because it's the place in which we'll spend the most time (Because of this, I fantasize mostly of split levels due to their abundance in finished basements). Obviously, we'll watch football in the basement. It'll be a football cave, if you will.

I also find it very important that our basement be semi-scary. Basements are supposed to be scary. That's just how it is. A universal rule. To help with the scary factor, I want an ornately-framed picture of Edgar Allan Poe and an ornately-framed picture of Zombie Lincoln. You might be thinking "Oh SJ, It must be hard to find a picture of Zombie Lincoln. That's oddly specific." Actually, it's not hard to find AT ALL. I've located several on the interwebs.

Oh. That's not what you were thinking? You're siding with Joe on this one? You think it's weird to want a Zombie Lincoln as the focal point in the imaginary room in your imaginary home where you will spend most of your (imaginary) time?

That is BULL.


Excuse me, please. This is very important to me.

Moving on, I also want a huge black leather sectional in the basement. You know what? I want the basement to look exactly like that polyvore board. I don't think any further explanation is necessary.

Back to Zombie Lincoln.

So tell me, are you on Team Zombie Lincoln or on smelly Team Joe?

Is a Zombie Lincoln picture a totally awesome and beautiful work of art suitable for a family football cave?
ABSOLUTELY. I'm awesome.
No. It's weird. Also, I smell terrible.

I'll eat your brains. Recognize.

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