Sunday, October 23, 2011


It is a well established fact that I adore PJs and believe strongly that they are the only acceptable attire within the home.

Well here are some more pictures of me expressing my passion and adoration of the sacred PJ:

2007, during college, at a friends house, playing charades.
Macaroni was the answer. You're welcome. That is joyous laughter on my face. Not because I'm funny, but because of the joy that only wearing pajamas brings me.

These are my "fancy party PJs," worn to a New Years 2011 party.
While others might wear a fancy dress to a New Years party, this is my "cleaning up nicely." Classy, I know.

It was a pajama party after all!
Party like a rock star. Word.

I'm only 3 months old here, but my love of pajamas is already apparent and deep.

Here I am playing hungry hungry hippos in my Sponge-B PJ pants. Also in college, 2005. The game isn't that great. The pants are more fun and entertaining. You cannot see my face, but I assure you that it is plastered with an expression of deep contentment due to my wearing apparel.

Only while wearing PJs is it appropriate to sip adult beverages while looking through a children's doll catalog. Here my face isn't exactly plastered with contentment, just plastered.

PJs 4 eva. Word.

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