Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Ways to Eat Honey Daily That Are Actually Doable

I mentioned in this post that I am trying to eat raw local honey daily to help combat seasonal allergies. I can't say whether it's working or not yet, because I oh so wisely decided to start this regimen in the beginning of Fall. Genius, I know. Anyway the point in this whole thing is to expose myself to allergens over time via ingestion so that perhaps they will not cause my eyes to bleed and my nose to fall off come the Spring.

And Summer.

I know that there are endless fancy-schmancy ways to eat honey, but to be honest, I probably would neither stomach nor bother with them on a daily basis. Take Greek yogurt with honey, for example. Have you ever tried it? Perhaps with nuts for protein? Did you, by chance, desire a barf-fest approximately 1.14 bites in? I know I did. Who thought of that anyway? That shix is a super disgusto combo.

Then there's baclava. Delicious, I know. But who the fux takes the time to make baclava? Am I right? And wouldn't I have to cook the honey anyway, thus defeating the purpose in buying raw?

Here are some real ways to eat honey every single day, that I've been able to do today, yesterday, and for the past few weeks, and that I'll surely be able to keep doing hopefully indefinitely:

1. Eat it plain, right off of the spoon. No shit, right? Honey is good enough to just eat, so why not just go ahead and eat it! It feels like a sinfully indulgent thing to do, but really it's not. You have to eat it anyway, so just do it!

2. Put some in your tea. Whether hot or iced, honey sure does taste great in tea. If your not a tea drinker, I get it. This is probably as disgusting to you as the yogurt thing was to me. But if you were raised in a house of tea, like moi, it's a delicious suggestion! I've been drinking hot Earl grey tea with honey and a lemon wedge. A lot.

3. This is the last real suggestion. Anything I could suggest after this I haven't personally done, so it'd probably be complete bull. But this one is my favorite if the three, thus saved for last. Honey on a buttered toasted bread item. I prefer a honey wheat English muffin as my "bread item." I shouldn't really have to elaborate this because everyone (worth knowing) has gone gaga over honey butter at some point in life. Like in college when they accidentally ordered it for the dining hall and word spread like wildfire. More than one person jumped to their feet exclaiming, "honey butter!" before making a mad dash to the butter and jelly section. Soon they were out of bread, bagels, and everything else h-butter could be spread onto. After that, we checked the butter every morning at breakfast until graduation, hoping for another delicious ordering mistake.

Yeah, it's that good. So why can't one just add honey and butter to their daily English muffin, and call it the same thing? ONE CAN, OF COURSE!

So, eat honey, get money.

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  1. Just gotta say, your posts make my day. I smile and laugh out loudly when I read them... That is all. :D