Friday, September 30, 2011

What I Did On My Day Off

As I mentioned this morning in my Purple Friday Post, I took today off as a mental health day. What does one do on such a day? I imagine that most people stay in their PJs and watch movies. But that's not what I did. After a one-day weekend last weekend, I needed to get shiz done! Having the load off of my shoulders made me feel so much better than lazing around the house would have made me feel. So here's what I did on my day off:
  • Woke up at 8am! Score! This is the perfect time to wake up because it's still sleeping in, but you don't waste half your day doing so.
  • Took a shower, found my camera charger (it's been missing since my vacation in August!), got dressed, ate breakfast, wrote a blog post.
  • Got my oil changed. FINALLY! It had been 8000 miles. OH THE SHAME! I'M SO SORRY LOUIS BLUE (that's my car, homies)!
  • Went to a local dairy farm and bought local ice cream and raw local honey. I actually went there because they're the closest local honey vendor I could find, but I couldn't walk away without buying a quart of ice cream too. Joe and I want to try a daily dose of local honey to help combat allergies. Joe's doc says its whack, but I'm gonna give it a try.
Yes, this picture was really necessary. You're welcome.
  • Came home, ate a carb-a-licious lunch, waited a 1/2 hour, went on a 7 MILE RUN!!! Booyaa, running! IN YOUR FACE, RUNNING! I am SO ready for the Baltimore Team Relay in two weeks!

  • Ate a snack and showered, but didn't wash my hair or face. They still looked good! I wasn't wasting that make up!
  • Went to the pharmacy and picked up my prescription, dry shampoo for my stinky hair, and sour cream for dinner. OK it wasn't the pharmacy. It was Target. I didn't allow myself to shop, so it doesn't count as going there. 
  • Came home, took a nap. A NAP! For real! A real nap! I forgot those existed for a minute!
  • Woke up, Joe came home, we made dinner. And now the night begins!
That's my day off. Word.


  1. Jillian Michaels' Podcast told me about the Raw Honey :)

  2. Kelsey! I love that podcast! Are you starting a blog? I hope so!