Sunday, September 25, 2011

Countdown to the Baltimore Running Festival

The 2011 Baltimore Running Festival is October 15, which is less than 3 weeks away. I'm running in the team relay, which splits the marathon between 4 people. I've done this race once before in 2007.
Sexxxy... I just ran 7 miles. Give my FACE a break. And my bandanna. It needs a break too. Indefinitely.

This race pretty much has the best medals ever. Here's my medal from oh sev'.

And here is the marathon medal for this year. I'm not running the marathon, so I know mine will be slightly different, but still AWESOME.

Once again, my portion is 7 miles, which is really no biggie, but kind of a biggie if you haven't been training... Which I really haven't been. I mean, I've been running 3 miles here and there. And going to bootcamp class twice a week. I'm naturally a pretty good runner, so I know I can go out and do the thing without training. But I also know training and being ready for it will make it so much more enjoyable.

Lately I've been trying to get a little more serious about training. Yesterday I ran 7 miles on the elliptical, with moderate resistance to make it more like real running. It only took me 40 minutes, so I know this was more like running 4-4.5 miles.

Today I went out for a real run, with the idea that I would run the full 7 miles, but I only did five.

Not a bad pace, especially because i took 2 walking breaks! My feet started falling asleep, so by the end I figured it was better to stop than to hurt myself. I can always try again in a couple days.

Anyway, I'll probably insert a few updates into the ole blog between now and race day. I know this shiz is sooooo interesting, and you cannot possibly wait to read more about it. Chill you guys.

Kick off is 8 minutes away, and I have other things on my mind at the moment.

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