Sunday, September 25, 2011

St. Louis Lambs

I've been to St Louis on two occasions, and here's what I have to say about the city:

The first time we went, we did the tourism thing. We had a great time. The Arch was awesome.

The pizza is terrible there. Velveeta? On pizza? Really?

The weather is practically the same as in Maryland, only a little bit hotter. I was really surprised the first time I went. I honestly expected a break from Maryland's oppressive humidity, and was pretty disappointed when I did not get it.

I wish I got the chance to eat a steak there. Someday.

I need to mention again how awful their pizza is. It was hands down the worst pizza I've had in my entire life. And I've had shitty off-brand $1.99 frozen pizza. Believe me, this stuff was worse.

They sell beer in the grocery store! Score!

Also, the Budweiser tastes better there. Just saying.

Both Joe's and my dads live out there. That's a plus.

But... Bmore dominated the St Louis Lambs today. Just dominated.

Look at that score! Hot DAMN!

And even though I haven't had a St Louis steak yet, Joe made me the best steak I've ever had tonight. Holy Wegman's!

Sweet steak. Sweet Baltimore Ravens victory. Sweet night.

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