Friday, September 9, 2011

Purple Friday: Ravens v Shittsburgh Edition

Purple Friday is finally here!
Oh you're not from B-more, are you? You don't know what Purple Friday is?
On Fridays during football season, everyone is Baltimore wears purple. Everyone. I am acquiring quite the collection of purple blouses. Tomorrow is a rare casual day at work, one where I don't have to leave the office at all. With it being a Purple Friday too, I could wear my jersey. But my amazing husband bought me my dream jersey and gave it to me as an early birthday present. It's a ladies white Ray Rice jersey.
[That's my husband., and he's rocking "the face." Oh, how I owe an entire post to "the face"]
and because it's ladies jersey, there's a GLITTER EMBLEM!

But, and you must have noticed the "but".... it's white. And tomorrow is Purple Friday. Maybe I'll just wear it anyway; I don't get many chances.

Tomorrow is an extra special PF because it's opening day. And because we're playing Shittsburgh. I don't know who doesn't know this, but the Ravens and the Steelers are the best rivalry in the NFL. I am so flipping excited/nervous. Last year, I went to my first ever Ravens game, and it was vs the Steelers. It was so amazing, even though we lost, and even though I froze my ass off!

These games can really go either way, but here's to hoping we kick some Shittsburgh ASS!!!

These videos, I love them. Each one is better than the next, and I've watched them all at least twice.

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