Friday, September 30, 2011

Purple Friday: Week 4

Happy Purple Friday!
I saw this shirt in a store that only sells Ravens gear. Yes, people really do wear those purple camo pants. No, I absolutely refuse to tell them how ridiculous they look. THIS IS FREE ENTERTAINMENT, PEOPLE!
Here's another shirt from the same store. It represents this blog so perfectly. I didn't get it. Bad decision. I may have had a couple of glasses of sangria before hand. I blame the sangria for that one.

Anyway, is it really Purple Friday again so soon? I've been so busy that last Friday seems like yesterday and a month ago at the same time. Because I worked last Saturday, I felt completely drained by Tuesday. Like a Thursday kind of drained with no weekend in sight. So I decided at the last minute to take today off. It's a mental health day, if you will. It may only be 9:15 in the morning, but I already know that it was a great decision!

Because I'm off today, It's a casual kind of Purple Friday.
I'm wearing jeans and a Ravens tee that I got at Old Navy. I had no idea that Old Navy carried NFL stuff! I walked into the store on my birthday to kill some time before we met some friends for dinner, and there was this entire NFL display. It was destiny. I bought this shirt like a boss.

Now, I'm off to spend my day off however I please. Buying honey and shiz like that. DON'T HATE, JOSEPH!

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