Friday, June 1, 2012

Crab Fix 6.1

This blog is called "Crab Cakes and Football, Baby." I rarely talk about crab cakes or football these days. They are both out of season, but not forgotten.

I think that I should sing it to the world every time I have some crab, just to be more loyal to my title. Today I will belt it out, Xtina style.

Today me and some of my co-workers escaped to Claddagh Pub for lunch.

We had Crap Dip. Proper.
It was freaking delicious! So smooth and creamy with huge jumbo crab lumps. Backfin, obv. (That's crab-talk for the best part of the crab, the back end inner body meat).

There are three types of crab dip in the world. Homemade MD crab dip, which you get at Maryland potlucks and parties. Delicious, but it doesn't quite rank up to the restaurant style MD crab dip, shown above. I don't know what these restaurants do to bring crab dip to the next level, but it is FANTASTICAL. (Side note: DO NOT ORDER "MARYLAND CRAB DIP" IN A RESTAURANT IN ANY OTHER STATE! I REPEAT, DO NOT ORDER "MARYLAND CRAB DIP" IN A RESTAURANT IN ANY OTHER STATE!)

Lastly, there's all other crab dips, which are simply not worth eating, and quite frankly disappointing. You find these specimens all over the interwebs and throughout the rest of the states. A true Marylander would not bother to click on that link, unless they want to be simultaneously let down and grossed out. To all the non-Marylanders out there, use that link to educate yourself, then schedule a trip to B'more asap to find out what you are missing out on.

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  1. Once I ordered a crab cake in northern Pennsylvania. It sucked.

    I've been to Claddagh Pub several times but have never ordered the crab dip. Was this your meal or an appetizer to share? It looks soooo good. Thanks for the recomendation