Monday, January 9, 2012

Nine January 9, 2012 Resolutions

New Years Day has come and gone, and I may be a wee late, but i still do have a resolution or nine in the ole noggin.
Early New Years Morning, 2012

Better late than never, right? I know that writing your goals down keeps you accountable and telling others makes you even more likely to follow through. Without any further and completely unnecessary ado, here are my nine resolutions of January 9, 2012:

1. Quit the "snooze" button. Setting your alarm for an hour and a half before you actually plan on getting up so that you can hit your nine-minute snooze 10 times in a row is a terrible habit, and one that I plan on breaking in the next 356 days. I actually got a head start on this re-zzz-olution, starting a week before Christmas, and I'm proud to state that I've hit snooze only once since then. Unfortunately, breaking this habit has been unexpectedly stressful, and has led me to toss and turn from 3am on, worrying about not being fully ready to rise and shine the first time my alarm goes on. Hopefully the anxiousness ebbs over time.

2. Lose 15 pounds. I went on birth control 2 years ago to control my adult acne, and promptly gained 15lbs. The acne is virtually gone, but now I would love get rid of the extra weight. Stupid hormones.

3. Buy a house. We're aiming for Spring or early Summer. I want this so bad. 'Nuff said.

4. Read 52 books. That's a book a week. I had this same goal last year, but I didn't quite make it. Here's to hoping I do this year. I'm already down one, and halfway through my second.

5. Run a half-marathon. I know I can do this, I just have to commit.

6. Walk 1 hour every day. I'll tell you why later this week. I promise!

7. Blog once per week. I suck at consistency. Word.

8. Try one new recipe per week. Hahahaha! I'm dreaming big here. I love tacos, pizza, and chicken tenders way too much (see no. 2). Maybe a new spin on and old fav will help me out here?

9. Get a new job. I'm overqualified, underpaid, overworked, and unsatisfied. Do I need any other reasons? This is going to be the hardest resolution, but also the most important. I really hope putting it out there will really help me follow through with this one!

Those are my nine of this beautiful ninth.Words of encouragement are greatly appreciated~

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