Tuesday, July 10, 2012

13 Days

Thirteenbdays until I am on VACATION!!!!!!! Whooooohooooodiddlyfartbam! I am so freaking excited!!!!!

Breathe, Sarah, breathe.

Ok. So. In less than two weeks, Joe and I will be hitting the beach in Ocean Citaaayyyyy. Citaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!

Ok. Let me try this again. I can't wait. I've already packed. Like, a lot. But not everything.

Everything I do and say and even think about revolves around the beach. That wreath I made? Just evidence of a growing preoccupation. I've also never worked out so much in my life. We're talking 6 days a week, people! And I can't. Stop. Buying. Shit.

Beach Shit. Beach chairs. Beach towels. Beach umbrella. Tank tops.flipflopsshortstravelshampoobookstotebagstowels. Aloe (and I rarely get sunburns. But just in case.)You know, all completely necessary, but shit nonetheless.

So cheers to threemotherfuckingteen motherfuckingdays.

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