Friday, April 13, 2012

Pinterest Wins!

I know, I know. I cannot stop talking about Pinterest. Too bad, folks. I'm doing it. Again.

You know how you see all of these funky, yet delicious looking, healthy, beautifully photographed recipes on Pinterest? You repin them for some other time, and then you never make them. Because you're neither a professional chef nor a professional photographer (and coincidentally, all of your blog photos are iPhone photos). And really, can something made of cauliflower taste as good as it looks on the pinboard when it's made in your kitchen?

The answer of course is, "Well... Sometimes".

So let's talk about some Pinterest wins! Funky. Healthy. Delicious.

Cauliflower rice.

Skeptical? Well you should be. I sure was. So I made it on a night that included jasmine rice too. Just in case.

The verdict? It was Fucking Delicious. Proper. It was more like couscous than rice, but it definitely felt like you were not eating a vegetable. I REPEAT, IT DEFINITELY FELT LIKE YOU WERE NOT EATING A VEGETABLE. Try it. Eat it. Love it. Pin it.

P.S. I didn't add the onion because I didn't have that shit on hand. It was still fab.

Next up, roasted cabbage.

Now I didn't exactly follow this recipe so much as I used it for inspiration (Why? Fennel. Barf.) I was short on time too so upped the temp to 425 and roasted for 30 min. I also drizzled on soy sauce and skipped the salt. I'm sure this is all making sense to you. I'm excellent at giving instructions.

So I know you don't give a motherF about all that. You just want to know how it tasted. You think like me. That's why you're reading this blog (Mother and assorted Russians). "HOW DID IT TASTE?" you scream to your monitor with aggravated anticipation! I know these things. Don't ask how.

Did the title of this post communicate nothing? Is it not entitled, "Pinterest Wins"? It was delicious, obviously.

Calm down people. I know vegetables are exciting, but you're taking this a little too far.

Everything will be ok. I promise.

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