Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Faves

1. Starbucks VIA instant iced coffee.
Homemade iced coffee is a pain in the booty-hole to make. How much easier could Starbucks make it for you? Maybe selling it pre-mixed by the half-gallon? Just saying, Starbucks. Just saying.

2. This gluten free quinoa pasta. 
I don't know for sure that I am gluten intolerant, but my mother has tested positive for it and I have been struggling with a few of the symptoms myself (namely eczema and digestive issues). Plus knowing that wheat is not great for me from reading some of this book (and the oh so reliable method of judging this book by its cover), it doesn't completely break my heart to make some attempts to reduce it in my diet. Some gluten free pastas suck balls, but this kind is delicioso! BTW, this is coming from the girl who just ate a cupcake. Not a gluten free cupcake; just a cupcake.

3. The fact that we may be buying a house very very soon. 
I can hardly contain my excitement!!!! But I will. I'll contain it and save it for a future post.

4. Audio books!!!
I love them! They count as reading, and anyone who says differently is lying, cheap, stubborn, old-fashioned, or just plain jelly! It's called multi-tasking, people! This it what I'm currently reading. Don't. Hate.

5. Springtime! Enough said. No picture necessary

6. Winnie Bear.

Obviously. This isn't turning into a blog about my dog, I swear. But she is the bomb-doggity and I cannot ignore that!

7. This lipstick. 
It's perfect for all those in club lip gloss that just cannot step foot into club lipstick without feeling like a poser clown fool. Just me? I'm wearing #819.

8. Sandals! Oh how I've missed you!

Also, about 90% of the time when I attempt to type the word " you," I type the word "toy." Again, just me?

That's all. You may return to your regularly scheduled pollen induced zombie-coma. Happy Spring!

p.s. Nobody paid me to write niceties about their products or services. Obviously. The only person who reads this blog is my mom. All of the nice things I have to say are purely my opinion.

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