Friday, August 5, 2011


Today, I am having chips and salsa as the main course for my lunch. Pictured is an actual photo of my actual lunch. Technology is amazing.

Joe says that this is not an acceptable lunch. He thinks it doesn't count as a main course unless there's something more, like melted cheese, or guacamole. I say that's BULL! That makes it a different meal. Sure it'd be better than plain old chips and salsa, but that doesn't make chips and salsa any less of a meal! Plus, salsa counts as a vegetable, so it's almost the same as rice and veggies for lunch... right? I mean, same food groups...

Anyway, here is a poll to settle this, because the internet knows all. I'm currently my only follower, so this is pretty much a guaranteed victory for me. Also, I've given myself an advantage by making a yes/no question have 3 answer choices, which is totally not cheating. Winning.

Are chips and salsa an acceptable lunch entree?
why, certainly
not without cheese
not without guacamole

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